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Studio Sophronik - Microphones Collection

Apple Mac Studio M1 Max with 10-core CPU, 24-core GPU, 16-core Neural Engine

32GB unified memory

1TO internal SSD for system

4TO Sandisk 2000mb/s SSD for audios

4TO Sandisk 2000mb/s SSD for librairies

400Mbits/sec internet with ethernet cable

Sony 55" 4K HD Television

Samsung 22" 4K HD Monitor 

Insignia 22" Television

Webcam Razer Kiyo 1080p Full HD


Cubase 13 Pro

Logic Pro X

Pro Tools 2022.4

Source-Connect Pro 3.8


Steinberg VST Connect 

Altiverb 8 XL

Antares Autotune EFX

Arturia V Collection X

Oeksound Soothe2


iZotope RX 10 Advanced

iZotope Ozone 11 Advanced

Melodyne 5

Native Instruments Ultimate 12

Universal Audio Ultimate 1

Sample From Mars

Soundtoys 5.4

Plugin Alliance All Bundle

Valhalla Full Suite

Wavelab 10
Waves Abbey Road Bundle

Waves Mercury Bundle

Waves SSL Bundle


AMEK BCII 24 channels + 4 group compressors

Universal Audio Apollo X8P

Universal Audio Apollo X16

Universal Audio Apollo X4


Focal Twin 6BE

Focal ST6

Focal Sub6 Be

Avantone Active Mixcube


Arcane Audio custom powerhead & personal boxes
(6 boxes and 4 independent mixes)


Focal Listen Pro (5x)

Sennheiser HD 650 (1x)

Shure SRH840A (3x)


ACME Audio Motown D.I. WB-3

AEA TRP2 Stereo Mic Preamp (2x)

Altec 1566a

Amek Bus Compressors (4x)

API 512C in Cranborn Serie 500 Rack (7x)

Digiflex DPDI single channel passive DI (4x) 

Digiflex DSPDI dual channel passive DI (2x)

Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor (2x)

Empirical Labs EL9 Mike-E

Pioneer SR-202W Spring Reverb

Radial JDI DI Active 48v

Radial JDI DI (2x)

Radial JDI Duplex

Radial REAMP JCR Studio Reamper (2x)

Roland RE-201 Space Echo

TAB Funkenwerk V78M

Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveling Amplifier

Universal Audio 4-710d

Urei Universal Audio 1176LN Rev. F (2x)

Urei Universal Audio LA-4 (2x)

Valley People Dyna-mite 1974 (2x)

Vintech Audio 273

Vintech Audio X73i (2x)


AEA KU5A (2x)


AEA R44CE (matched pair)

AEA R84 (matched pair)


AEA R92 (matched pair)

AEA SMS Stereo Bar

AKG C414 Comb 1971

AKG C414 XLS (2x)

AKG D12 1960's



AKG D310

Ampex 1101

Audix D4

Beyerdynamic Opus 88 (3x)

Blue Babybottle

CAD M179 (2x)

Electro-Voice 664 (2x)

Electro-Voice 644 Sound Spot Dynamic Shotgun 1950's

Electro-Voice 667A (2x)

Dr Alien Smith Subkick-01 

Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387 (2x)

Lauten Audio Clarion FC-357

Lauten Audio Eden LT-386 

Lauten Audio LS-120 (2x)

Lauten Audio LS-220 (2x)

Lauten Audio LA-208 (2x)

Lauten Audio LA-308 (5x)

Lauten Audio Snare Mic (2x)

Neumann KM 184 (matched pair)

Neumann TLM 49 

Neumann TLM 102

Neumann TLM 103

Neumann U47 Fet Collector’s Edition

Neumann U87 1984

Peluso 22 47 LE


Placid Audio Carbonphone

RCA Aeropressure MI-6207-G (2x)

RCA 44-A (1934 first version, bronze finish)

RCA 74-A (late 1930's)
RCA 77-D (1940)



RCA Model 28 Carbon Microphone with PSU

RCA Varacoustic MI-6204-A with 77-DX mod (1945)
RCA Varacoustic MI-6204-C with 77-D mod (1945)

Rode NTR

Royer R-121

Sanken CMS-9 (stereo condensor)

Sennheiser MD 421-II (2x)

Sennheiser MD 421-U-5 (2x)

Sennheiser MD 441

Sennheiser SE609

Sennheiser MKE600

Sennheiser 8040 (2x)

Sennheiser E835

Shure 520 DX Green Bullet

Shure Beta 52A

Shure Beta 91A
Shure MV88

Shure MV7
Shure SM7B (3x)

Shure SM7dB

Shure SM 57 (5x)

Shure SM 58 (5x)

Shure SM 81 (2x)

Shure 315 Ribbon (2x) 

Shure 545SD Unidyne III (2x)

Shure 55SH Unidyne II 

Yamaha SKRM-100 Subkick




Ampeg B-25B 55 Watts 1970's

Burns Orbital 50 Watts 2x12"1961

David Eden D-410T Cab

Fender Bassman 6G6 Blonde + cab 2x12" 1963

Fender Bandmaster Blackface 1966

Fender Excelsior 13 Watts 1x15"

Garnet Stencil 5 Watts + cab 1x12" 1970’s

Golden Gate (Mod 1185) 15 Watts 1x12" 1976

Leslie 18 rotating speaker cabinet 60 Watts 1x12" 1966

Marshall JMP 50 Watts Metal Panel + cab 4x10" 1969

Orange Micro Terror 20 Watts 

Peavey 6505+ 60 Watts 1x12"

Peavey Century 120 Bass Series 60 Watts 1975

Pepco Paul (Pine Electronics) Model 205 5 Watts 1x10" 1966

Pepco Paul (Pine Electronics) Model 205 5 Watts 2x10" 1966

Pepco Paul (Pine Electronics) Model 209 10 Watts 2x12" 1960's

Roland Jazz Chorus-77 80 Watts 2x10"

Silvertone 45 Watts + cab 2x12" 1970’s

Sunn Sonaro 45 Watts + 1x15" cab 1970's

Traynor YBA-1 Bass Master 50 Watts 1973

Traynor YGM-3 Guitar Mate 20 Watts 1x12" 1975

Traynor YSR-1 50 Watts + 4x10" cab 1972

Vox AC30S1 30 Watts 1x12"

Yamaha G50-410 Fifty 50 Watts 4x10" 1970's

Yamaha RA-200 Rotating Speaker Amplifier 200 Watts 4x12" 1976


Citation 645

Eastwood Airline Map Barytone Guitar with Bigsby

Eastwood Mandocaster 12

Epiphone ES-335 Dot Semi-Hollow Body

Fender Stratocaster Japanese Vintage 1982

Fender Telecaster Nashville B-Bender 

Fender Telecaster Classic Vibe 60’s Thinline

Gretsch Historic Serie

Guild G37 Blonde 1978

Ibanez Acoustic Guitar

Lapsteel Electromuse '40s

Lakland Bass Skyline Series 44-64 (PJ Custom)

National 3/4 Guitar 1961 

Takamine Acoustic Guitar

Teisco Mustang MIJ 1960’s 

Seagull SM12 strings 1989

Ukulélé Mahalo

Warmoth Telecaster 50's

Washburn Acoustic Guitar


Boss OC-5 Octave Pedal

Digitech Whammy DT Pedal

Electro-Harmonix Black Russian Big Muff

JHS Bonsai

JHS Color Box V2

JHS Morning Glory V4

JHS Unicorn V2

Keeley Caverns

Keeley Seafoam Plus

Keeley Dynatrem

Outlaw Five O'Clock Fuzz Pedal

Outlaw Six Shooter II

Outlaw The General Germanium Fuzz Pedal

Outlaw The WYE

Roland Double Beat AD-50 Fuzz Wah (1970's)

Many more...!

Claviers & Pianos:

Casio PX-S1000

Melodica Hohner 32 Notes

Moog Matriarch

Moog Theremini 

Upright L.E.N. Pratte Piano 1900's

Yamaha P88

Kits de batterie:

Ayotte Custom Pro-Canada 10’’-12’’-14’’-18’’

Fibes 70's 24’’-13’’-16’’-18’’

Gretsch Brooklyn Cream Oyster 10’’-12’’-14"-16’’-22’’ 

Gretsch Renown Maple Cherry Burst 10"-12"-14"-14"-22"

Ludwig Club Date 1965 Black Oyster 20''-12''-14'' 

Ludwig Super Classic 1965 Blue Oyster 22''-13''-16''

Slingerland 1970's Gold Sparkle 22"-13"-16"

Waldberg & Auge "CarryAll" Calf Head Kit 24"-7"

Leedy & Ludwig Broadway 1950’s 24x12" (3 ply)

Leedy & Ludwig 1950's 30x17,5" (3 ply)

Slingerland Cloud Badge Kick 1930's 28x14" (3 ply)  

Westbury Concert Tom 10" and 12"


Caisses claires:

Ayotte Custom Pro-Canada 14x6" (maple)

Dunnett 15x5,5" (titanium)

Ebenor Brass Prototype 17 14x7" (brass)

Ebenor Apple Tree Snare Collection 14x6.5" (apple tree)

Gretsch Brooklyn 14x5,5" (maple/poplar)

Gretsch Renown 14x5,5" (maple)

Gretsch Maple Snare 14x6,5" (walnut wood hoops)

Harry Bower Maker 1918 13x6"

Leedy Marching Snare 1956 14x10" (maple)

Leedy & Ludwig Broadway 1950’s 14x6,5" (mahogany-poplar-mahogany)

Leedy & Strupe Silver 1930's 14x5,5" (brass)
Leedy & Strupe Black 1930's 14x6,5" (brass)

Ludwig Acrolite Orange Peel 1962 14x5" (full aluminium, rims too!) 

Ludwig Supraphonic LM400 1969 14x5" (aluminimum)

Mapex Black Panther Piccolo 14x3" (steel) 

Olympic Marching Snare 1049 1960’s 14x12” (Scandinavian birch)

Pearl Chad Smith’s Signature Series 14x5,5" (steel)

Pearl Kapur Limited Edition 14x6,5" (kapur)

Slingerland Cloud Badge 1940’s 14x10" (mahogany-poplar-mahogany)

Sonor Force 3007 12x5" (maple)

WFL 1950’s 15x12" (mahogany-poplar-mahogany) 

WFL 1959 14x6" (mahogany)


2,5’’ Zildjian Thin Finger Cymbals

2,5’’ Zildjian Thick Finger Cymbals

6’’   Zildjian Zil Bel

10’’ Zildjian Spiral Trash

12’’ Zildjian Hand Hammered Traditional Gong

16’’ Zildjian Hi-Hat K Istanbul “new stamp” 1960’ 

16” Zildjian A Custom Crash 

17'' Zildjian Prototype Crash

18” Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash

18" Zildjian A Custom Crash

18" Zildjian Paper Thin Crash

18" Zildjian Spiral Trash

19" Zildjian Paper Thin Crash

20’’ Zildjian Canadian Ride

20’’ Zildjian Constantinople Medium Thin Ride

22' Zildjian Paper Thin Crash

22” Zildjian High Definition Ride 

22’’ Zildjian American Ride

24’’ Zildjian K Light Ride

26'' Zildjian 1950's Ride

8"  Sabian AAX Aero Splash

12" Sabian AA Mini Holy China

16" Sabian AA Thin Crash

18" Sabian HH Flat Ride (rivets)

18" Sabian China

13’’ Paiste Medium Light Hi-Hats

17" Dream Bliss Crash

18" Dream Bliss Crash

20" Dream Bliss Crash/Ride


6” Soultone Custom Splash

8” Soultone Extreme Splash

13” Soultone Custom Crash

14” Soultone Custom Hi-Hats

15'' Soultone Inferno Hi-Hats

18’’ Soultone Extreme Crash

18’’ Soultone FXO 12 Rivets Crash

​20’’ Soultone Vintage Old School 1964 Flat Ride

11’’ Rhythm Tech Ribbon Crasher

15’’ Rhythm Tech Ribbon Crasher



DW 9000 Simple Pedal

DW 5000 Simple Pedal

Roc-N-Soc, DW, Yamaha & Gibraltar Hardware


Djembe, darbouka, balafon, krakebs, cajon, bodhràn, tambourines, cowbells shakers, congas, bongos, clave, zydeco rubboards, cajun ti-fer, rainstick, kids percussions, xylophone and all kind of weird metal stuff!

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