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Amek BC II Console - Studio Sophronik

Studio Sophronik offers a complete service of audio podcast recording. Either for personal or business content creation, we’ve got you covered with high end technology and expert technicians. Don’t think of technical details thats surrounds your environment, we handle inside or outside recordings while you enjoy your time with your guests. 


You have a viby spot (school, coffee shop, restaurant, brewery, outside park, working space, etc) where you really feel confortable for your exchange? No problem, let’s meet there and capture every single detail we can so your audience feels the same when they hear your podcast.



  • Artistic direction

  • Inside recording

  • Outside recording

  • Sound design

  • Music composing 

  • Post-production

  • Remote recording with Source-Connect, Steinberg VST Connect, Brandlive, Zoom, etc.

  • 400Mbits/sec internet with ethernet cable hardwired in our recording room and control room


Art Public Montréal

Come discover public artworks as you stroll along thematic, historical or recreational pathways.

Points Critiques Balado Podcast

Points Critiques

McGill's French theory & literature podcast interviewing some of the most known teachers in the domain. 

The Tale of Koala's Tail

The Tale of Koala's Tail

USA Boston University WBUR podcast with Rebecca Sheir from Circle Round kid's stories.

Montré et insulaires - CRIEM - Balado - Podcast

Montré et insulaires

Montreal finest panel from interdisciplinary and multi-sector experts discuss the many St-Laurent's water challenges surrounding Montreal. 

La ville résiliente - CRIEM - Balado - Podcast

La ville résiliente

CRIEM'S panel of 6 experts discuss the adaptation of cities to climate change.

Système D - Hockey Pool - Podcast - Balado

Système D - Hockey Pool

Michel Iacono explains his vision and thoughts on upcoming hockey games, pools, players and strategies. 

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